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How to become a recommended lawyer

All you need to know about lawyers, defense lawyer, real estate lawyer, sports lawyer. Have you ever been confused in between lawyer and attorney?

A defense lawyer is a person who is specializing in any criminal case or defense, or representing the defendant in lawsuit is known as defense lawyer.

So if you are facing any criminal penalties, serious charge or criminal investigation (or any other related issue), then only a defense lawyer can help you in coming out from that.

What does a defense lawyer do? 

  •   Criminal defense lawyer develops a strategy to defend the person that he or she did not commit the crime 
  •  He seeks to diminish the crime if the client is found guilty
  • They protect your rights
  • They assist you during the criminal trials
  • They help you to convince the court of justice to drop the charges against you.

Know what public defender is:

A public defender is the person who is reserved for saving the legal rights of those individuals who can’t afford the services of a private lawyer. They have limited resources and time to work on any case, so the chance of losing the case increases. In case you need a public defender, you have to convince the court that you are not able to hire any private lawyer.

Becoming a real estate lawyer

Real estate lawyer: Real estate lawyer deals in a legal aspects of real estate transaction and commercial and legal properties. They are highly specialized in many more areas like disclosure fraud and mortgage fraud or concentrating on land use, subdivision and zoning laws etc.

The average salary of real estate attorneys can range from $103,000 to $155,000, depending on experience and hourly rates.

How to become a real estate lawyer

•    Pre-law Under-graduate program: The First step to be a lawyer is to get an under- graduate degree in related field and that degree should be from a national authorized college.
•    Prepare for Law school admission test: LSAT is an entrance program to get admission in law school. Once you get a desired result you would be able to enroll in academic programs needed for having a bright future. 
•    High grades: To get admission in law school, first you need to pass your under-graduation degree with high CGPA. CGPA help you to get your desired law school.  
•    Internship with a real-estate attorney: To get a good real life experience, join a real-estate attorney as an intern, and try to learn the maximum from this opportunity.

Becoming a sports lawyer

Sports lawyer: Sports lawyer is the person who legally represents sport persons, athletes, sports team, sports leagues and sports club in contractual disputes. 

Sports attorney must have the understanding of various legal practices including contract law, labor law, tort law, and antitrust law. The average annual salary of a sports lawyer is a minimum of $75,000 by lower tier representations.

How to become a sports lawyer: Following are some ways to become a good sports lawyer-
Need to qualify for a law school: To take an admission in law school you need to pass four year’s graduate degree in any related stream.

Excellence in academic activities: If you want to take admission in law school, you must get higher CGPA in your undergraduate degree.

Assist any sports attorney: After completing or during the Law school you can start assisting an experienced sports attorney. This will increase your practical knowledge and ability to see wider problems. Communication skills: This is the most essential skill that you must have to deal with your high profile clients and yes law school is a perfect place to build communication skills too.

Difference between Lawyer and Attorney

Have you ever been confused in between lawyer and attorney? Yes there is a little difference in both the terms. And that distinction is made in US but other countries don’t follow this.

Difference between Lawyer and Attorney in simple terms:

The person who is graduate, cultured and trained from law school and who is able to advice on legal matters can be considered as a lawyer. But they may not allow to be a representative in court and they have limited opportunities to use their law education.

Whereas the word attorney comes from French language. An attorney or attorney- of- law is the person who has license to represent the client in a court. The professional attorney must pass the bar exam, to practice in a specific law area.

An attorney can perform as a lawyer but not all the lawyers are allowed to work as an attorney.

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