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Are you looking for a opportunity? Great team, great environment, benefits? Get in touch with the perfect job, check Refresh AMS Ltd jobs. Are you looking for a job that allows you to work flexibly? Do you want to work with flexible hours, full or part-time?

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We’re looking for smart, energetic and motivated people. We are the perfect place to start a new career! Get the skills you need to succeed in the workplace today. Come join us! Apply Here!

Mirel Ion, 32 Years Lifting Supervisor at Refresh AMS Ltd: "I enjoyed the 10 months at Refresh AMS, it is a good work / life balance, the management team is very helpful and the atmosphere is excellent. At the same time, there is an understanding on the part of management when a personal problem arises. People are friendly and nice. If you want to have a family at work, this is the place to come."

Adrian Damean: "I am 24 years old and I started working at this company in December 2019 as a fitter mate. In May 2020 I was sent to another job at Manchester Airport where I had the opportunity to learn more details and information about the job, in December 2020. Met the expectations however, the job required more dedication and consistency.

I went back to my job in Doncaster and got the job of Logistic Supervisor, which I am in the Present. Here at Refresh AMS Ltd we have evolved a lot from all points of view! Had the best experience at this company, great place to work, good pay, good hours, good holiday and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a job.”

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